mytowel WET WIPES

Experience the highly effective refreshing range of mytowel with various scent, or remove your make-up after a long day and pamper your skin.

As a brilliant cosmetics item, mytowel combines ultimate refreshment with top-quality skin care, for all everyday situations and any refreshing need.

mytowel – your personal companion:

Be it in your pocket, on trips, in the office, during sport or even at home. One strong push of the thumb is enough. Then, after clicking gently, a miracle unfolds. Small becomes big. Round. Handy. Surprising. Skin caring. Effective.


mytowel your lifestyle.



The need for disinfection is emphasised everywhere and it is a great advantage to use a disinfectant that can be used everywhere, hands, face and on objects, and at the same time is gentle on the skin and child-friendly.


Our mytowel hand disinfectant can be used twice, we recommend that you first clean your hands and then use the same cloth to clean objects you come into contact with, e.g. shopping trolleys, public transport, folding tables on aeroplanes, etc. This is a fundamental advantage of mytowel hand disinfectant. This is a fundamental advantage that our mytowels offer.



Our mytowel contains a Swiss disinfectant for hands and skin hygiene, it is a ready-to-use application solution and does not stain, the disinfectant wipe is also blood dissolving and odourless, sustainably disinfecting, yet gentle on the skin without alcohol, without any toxins and without preservatives.


Rapidly effective within 30 seconds for bactericidal (E.Coli) and fungicidal (Candida). The active ingredients were tested for influenza A viruses and found to be effective.


In addition, they have been tested and found effective against hepatitis B and AIDS viruses, influenza A (H5, H7, H9) types as well as poliovirus 1 and adenovirus (SARS, coronavirus).


Our hand disinfectant, is characterised by “Made in Switzerland”, approval by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health BAG.


FOPH – No. CHZN4304



Whether in your pocket, when travelling, in the office, during sports or at home. A firm press of the thumb is all it takes. Then, after a gentle click, something surprising unfolds. Small things become big. Round. Handy. Surprising. mytowel your lifestyle.



Dimensions: 4.2cm

Cloth (when unfolded): 22 x 22cm 

Why mytowel is the best disinfecting wipe:

always at hand, always fresh and always hygienic

Sustainability is also a big issue for us, which is why our containers (PP5) are completely recyclable and can be disposed of in PET. Our bio-cellulose cloth is biodegradable

Minimum shelf life of 2 years, as cloth and liquid are separated.


Save Water

One mytowel uses about 5 ml of cleansing fluid. Washing your hands requires on average 1.5 L of water.

Enrionmentally Friendly

mytowel is recyclable and does not use preservatives. The cellulose towel is biodegradable. The Container is made from PPS plasticand can be recycled.

Economizing Weight

mytowel, your reliable companion
on-the-go weights 10 g.

Reduce Spending

The fluid and the towel are separated until it's activation. While other wipes dry out after several months, mytowel's shelf life is at the least 2 years.


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