Who we are

my World Ltd, located at Rümlang (Zurich, onsite to Zurich-Airport) in Switzerland, is focused on Development and Manufactoring of innovative, (Mega-) trendy and sustainable Products in Healthcare sector.

“Every day, many people use my World products to look good, feel good and get more out of life - giving us a unique opportunity to build a better future together with our consumers.”

Roland F. Wissekerke (CEO)

When consumers are looking for care products or disinfection products that prevent diseases or are suitable for daily use, there is a great chance that they will choose one of our brands.

No matter what brand and where it is bought, every product should play its part in our vision – to make sustainability commonplace. 

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Why choose us


Sustainable Footprint

We produce our products in accordance with the WHO/UN SDG’s and ESG’s


Global Community

Together with our partnerships we can afford all customer-need

Functional & healthy goods

Our products are function-focused and care human’s health

Mindset-Change for Hygienic behaviour

We support process to change human’s mindset for a better hygienic behaviour


Our products do more than 1’000 words

SWISSDES – alcohol-free Sanitizer

A story of growth and InnovatIon

Starting with 1 product after its founding in 2014, the company my World Ltd has developed in various directions but always focused on sustainability, innovations and trends. Nowadays there are six product groups with more than 20 products available. 
KEY is the alcohol-free sanitizing liquid SWISSDES™ which is used in quite all product groups.
To higher-up sustainable footprint, the company is step-by-step using bio-based or even biodegradable material to produce its products.
my World Ltd supports also the process to change mind-set in hygienic behaviours.

We are continiously open for innovative, trendy and in particular sustainable projects or products.

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